5 Interior Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

5 Interior Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

You don’t need me to tell you that this year has been an odd one. With the current state of the world set to continue for the near future we all may be spending a lot of time at home over the coming months. This will probably lead to redecoration ideas and, not to worry, we are on hand to provide you with our picks of the upcoming trends to watch out for.

It seems the overriding themes of all the trends we can see cropping up invoke a strong, dependable feeling to counteract the unpredictable changing world, and distant vibes to help us escape without travelling. I’m sure you will agree for yourself after reading that emphasis definitely comes on homely and holidays.


You will be glad to hear that the scandinavian influences are here to stay! In-keeping with the homely feel, Hygge (pronounced heu-gah) is less of the clean flat colours we have seen before and more of a genuine scandinavian home style featuring tasteful patterns.

If you’ve never heard of Hygge before and want to create this look, think about your existing view of Scandinavian design, and combine that with an Alpine ski chalet - you’ll be most of the way there already! Our favourite item from this style has to be this delightful chair from Smithers of Stamford.

The scandinavian style that we all know and love now has a real cosy twist, with light woods being replaced with darker stronger-looking woods and comfy materials all round. The uncluttered clean spaces are still a must, but they are highlighted with warm fireside blankets and almost Alpine patterns.

Cottage Chic

Similar to the Hygge trend, cottage life is coming back for 2021. With bolder floral patterns than it’s Nordic counterpart, cottage chic is homely comforting patterns to invoke a stylish nostalgia. This style is appearing as a successor to the shabby chic phenomenon, but with less of the shabby and more farmhouse florals. One super-simple way to introduce this style into your home is cushions. Your neutral sofa can remain and these fabulous cushions from Elli Mae Cushions can do all the work for you!

Faraway Islands

2020 saw a lot of leaves and plant life, and this continues into the coming year, but with holidays possibly out of the window for another year, we are looking to bring a gentle reminder of the tropics into the home. There are many ways of doing this, but if you want to be really on trend, you can cover your own furniture with palm leaf patterned vinyl. Featured below is a coffee table covered with the ‘Copacabana’ design from restowrap. Tropical palm leaves to bring the holiday vibes into your home

A coffee table covered with restowrap's Copacabana botanical tropical leaf design


Earthy tones

This coming year is set to use warm comforting colours and reminders of the predictable. What could be more dependable than the very ground we walk on? Ever the trend-setters, Farrow & Ball’s Joa Studholme wrote about their colour trends for 2021 which include Deep Reddish Brown, Tanner’s Brown and Preference Red. This is congruent with Dulux’s colour of the year 2021 ‘Brave Ground’; A more literal title for what we will all be yearning for. See below for F&B’s preference red warming a beautifully crafted kitchen.

Looking forward to the spring and summer it’s likely we will all be spending a lot of time in our gardens. With the dark hue rattan furniture from House of Glitz & Glamour you can carry these earthier tones outdoors too.


We have seen a big rise in pencil-style artwork, particularly featuring exotic animals and trees. The monochrome look is definitely in, and these timeless pieces can be paired with almost any style of home. If you really want to make a statement with an etched style, go all in with a wall mural from WallpaperMural.com - view the full Etched collection here. Below we can see an etched mural paired with classic Scandi furniture.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

We have created a design featuring flavours of these trends to show how they can be linked. Although a rather cluttered photograph, these items spread across the entire room would work well together. With cottagecore cushions from Elli Mae Cushions, a wall mural from WallpaperMural.com, the beautiful hygge chair from Smithers of Stamford and a vinyl table wrap from restowrap.com, this shows that you don't have to stick to just one of these styles as they can be closely linked.

Room containing all mentioned styles

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