Black and White Abstract Art Bedroom

Monochrome Home Inspiration

Monochrome interiors are restful, timeless and practical. By restricting the colour palette, an eclectic mix of elements can exist happily together, inexpensive or simple things look more sophisticated and decorating decisions are made easier. Creativity flourishes within the boundaries of black, white and all the shades in between. 

Choosing a Monochrome interior is a minimalist stance, a refusal to get caught up in the drama of colour, losing yourself in the hues of a singular colour and allowing you to be free. 

Read on to find out how to incorporate this timeless classic into your home and create a striking ambience. 

Sarah from @Sarahshomeinsouthwales styled ‘Alpha’ with matte blacks and crisp white linens creating high contrast. The result is the perfect modern room to settle down and relax. 

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Nicole from @elocin_home has created the perfect balance between femininity and a luxe style. Featuring ‘Robyn’, this takes stylish abstract art and elegantly brings it right up to date. 

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The perfect room for friends and family to gather, our ‘Abut” wall mural features in @riskitforabiscuits dining room. ‘Abut’ is a vintage etched cloud design which has the ability to make any room look stylish without compromising on style. 

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Bringing a touch of playfulness into the monochrome palette, @Our.White.House.On.The.Hill gives her son’s room the monochrome look. ‘Cole’ features V-shaped lines that tessellate, all drawn with an ink brush to add some rustic flair.  

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A modern minimalist hallway @homeofchelle takes the design ‘Gergo’, and pairs it with matte blacks and glossy whites. ‘Gergo’ features abstract black and white brushstrokes which makes a statement in any space. 

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Styling a Monochrome Home is easy there is a simplicity to this style, with hues that were made for each other, create a home that is uniquely yours. 


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